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Ten Most Harmful Books Poll

Yup, I want to do this. First up, a poll. I've poked through the books in the top ten to see what is decently short and what is decently cheap. The following books are nominated to be the first book in the Ten Most Harmful Books Club:

  • The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels. Editions:
    • Signet paperback, 80 pages, $5.95
    • Charles H. Kerr pamphlet, 60 pages, $5
    • Free on the internet
  • Introduction to Positive Philosophy, Auguste Comte. Editions:
    • Hackett paperback, 84 pages, $6.95
    • Free on the internet
  • Beyond Good And Evil, Friedrich Neitzsche. Editions:
    • Penguin paperback, 250 pages, $9.60
    • Digiread paperback, 108 pages, $6.95
    • Free on the internet

The other books on the list were over 300 pages (my arbitrary cut-off) and a bit more pricy (though several do have free versions on the internet). If this is successful, longer ones can be used for subsequent books.

Voting closes Friday morning when I wake up. Approval voting is used. That means vote for whichever of these books are acceptable to get you to participate. You don't have to pick only one.

Approximate schedule will be: 1 week to purchase book. After that, I'll post questions and discussion topics approximately weekly, free-wheeling flaming to occur in comment threads. Last week in April I'll host an in person 10 Most Harmful Book Club discussion, with food and drink. Those who participate will get, in addition to food and drink, double votes on the next selection.

Edited to Add: Please just hit submit if you don't plan to participate but want to see what wins the poll. I'd rather only people who plan to participate choose the book. (If your plans to participate fall through, we'll revoke your vote later, then hunt you down.)

Poll #940327 Harmful Books the First

Which of the following books would you be most interested in reading first?

The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
Introduction to Positive Philosophy, Auguste Comte
Beyond Good And Evil, Friedrich Neitzsche

Also, I know I typo'd Nietzsche. Deal. Can't fix a poll once it's posted.

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