King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Olympic Sculpture Park

Very disappointed in this place. I liked the silver tree. I picture this in one of the Narnia books. I liked the steel eagle, but mostly because someone installed their own baby eagles in a nest next to it. Who knows how long the powers that be will take to remove it. And I liked the typewriter eraser. The rest of it blew.

On top of that, the numerous signs saying not to touch the massive steel outdoor art were just irritating. Is it really that delicate? If so, why is it installed outside? We aren't talking about stalactites that have been forming for hundreds of thousands of years, and really are sensitive to oils and discoloration. We're talking about concrete park benches in some cases. Yeesh.

The view is nice though. And during the summer it'll be a nice place to go sit and watch the sound and read or paint or whatever. At least if it isn't too crowded. It's definitely better than yet another condominium.


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