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So last week I barely worked on my business plan. I just kind of hit a mental wall. My business coach requested that I make a collage to inspire me for the bookstore. So that's my task for the day.

In the old days (i.e., junior high) when I made a collage, the teacher would bring in stacks of old magazines for us to peruse and cut out. Also, most of my collages were nature type of things. And there's lots of nature photos out there.

My magazines are 90% computer related, with a smattering of science and the odd issue of Atlantic Monthly. Not much to use for a book store collage.

But wait! These days there's the internet! What I'm basically doing is browsing the internet for photos on certain topics, looking for things that I like. Shelving. Author readings. Stock rooms. That sort of thing. Unfortunately 95% of the photos out there are of the stacks. And I don't really need those.

I could put these all together using photoshop or some program like that. But I don't want to take the time to search for and learn one. Even just enough to slap some photos into a collage.

So I'm going to dump everything to CD, take it to Kinko's and print them out in color. Then buy a posterboard or something like that and put it together the old fashioned way.

Sadly, this is the most creative artsy-craftsy thing I've done in years.
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