King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Administrivia #1

Okay, so I've been bouncing around through the Live Journals of people on the Seagoth boards and people they are connected to. You might be wondering who the hell I am, or possibly you do know who I am, but wonder why I added you as a LiveJournal friend since I have spent all of 38 seconds talking to you, if that.

If you had something interesting in your Live Journal, I probably added you as a friend. In other words, I'm using that feature as a bookmarking feature. Don't feel obligated to add me as a friend back. If the stuff I write isn't all that interesting to you, feel free to remove me. My feelings won't be hurt in the slightest. I don't look at this thing as a popularity contest. My own postings are mostly for me to ramble on to myself, and the friends feature is a bookmarking thing for use when I am avoiding work (which I do a lot of... avoiding that is, not working).

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