King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Le Pacte des Loups

Brotherhood of the Wolf marqueeLast night I watched Le Pacte Des Loups, or The Brotherhood of the Wolf.  I can't add much more than you'll find in an excellent review of the movie on  It's basically a period piece/werewolf/martial arts/horror movie.  My only real wish was that we could have watched the subtitled version and gotten to hear the actors real tones and voice inflections.  But Deborah wasn't able to find a subtitled copy  so we made do.  There's lots of sex and violence in the movie, and almost all of it in a good way.  They did a lot of freeze frame and stop motion scenes, and they all pretty much worked.  They didn't overdo it.  The cameras didn't jump around during the fight scenes like they do in American movies (and increasingly frequently, Hong Kong movies) so you could see what was going on and who was hitting who.  Not only was it an action movie, you had to do some thinking in it as well.  One of the best movies I have seen in a while. Yeah, it had some flaws, but for once I am not going to mention them at all cause it's just so rare that I enjoy a film this thoroughly.

This is also the first chance I've had to visit Deborah's home.  Beautiful.  Couple of acres on the outskirts of Renton.  Horses.  Dogs.  Cats.  Trees.  Grass.  A loop for a driveway.  Lots of comfortable places to sit.  Huge counter in the kitchen.  The kind of place where you go sit in the shade in the summer and sip lemonade.


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