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An Observations about KEXP's live music shows - King Rat
Private Life
An Observations about KEXP's live music shows
I downloaded every episode KEXP put out under the Live Music Podcast. My thought was I would find some great smaller bands in there. And I have found a few. David Krakauer and Klezmer Madness is a great band, for instance. Still, it seems like 90% of it is either in the slow singer/songwriter or slow 90s alternative styles. It just reminds me why I stopped listening to the radio. You know you are playing crap when N.P.R. All Songs Considered plays more rockin' music than you do. The signal to noise ratio over there is way better than KEXP.
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shadowdaddy From: shadowdaddy Date: November 29th, 2006 10:48 am (UTC) (Link)
I think most of it needs to be approached like the old MTV Unplugged stuff - a lot of times the whole band doesn't show, or they don't do the full gig setup, but do a low-key acoustic set instead.

When the Dismemeberment Plan was on it turned out to be just Travis with an acoustic guitar, and it was actually really awful compared to the kick-ass-ness of the band.

Just yesterday was the Lemonheads, but it was really just Evan Dando doing a bunch of solo/acoustic Lemonheads stuff that sounded waaaay mellow and different.
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