King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

New Loser

There is a misconception about Losers' Lunch. That misconception is that it is a lunch for losers. It really isn't. Originally, there were three losers: Mr. Sloane, Darren I Drink Miller, and myself. Then Darren emigrated from Loserland for the Kingdom of Marriage, and his husband matches him just too much for him to be considered a married loser. Last year, we started getting more people coming. Oh, we'd occasionally been inviting a hot chick so we could impress her (they never came back though…), but after last summer we regularly have been getting between 5 and 10 people attending. Apparently people want to hang out with two losers.

However, in a desperate bid to increase his status, Keenan has requested entrance to the Loser club. Jason and I have granted his wish. We hereby declare Keenan to be a real Loser!

So come to Losers' Lunch this Sunday, 12:30 p.m. at Mae's Café at Phinney and 65th and congratulate him! In addition, with three Losers, we'll be sure to cover all the bases with bad relationship advice.

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