King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Addendum to the Death of Vanteon

Although the Vanteon corporate office in Rochester New York is still alive (barely), this puts three of the five places that I have worked in my software development career out of business.

Pacific Simulation
Alive, but they were seriously hurting as an independent business and sold out to Invensys.
Spur Products
Dead. They sold the product line I worked on to Oce, which hired up the entire development team. Spur shut down and a product support person there bought the Spur name and runs a business under it that services all the old Spur products.
Syndeo Systems
Dead. Most of the equipment and employees were let go or were sucked up by Acentris Wireless Communications or Covault which were companies run by one of the investors in Syndeo.
MicroCrafts/Vanteon Redmond
Dead. Shut down by Vanteon corporate. Fate of most employees unknown.
Alive! Making bank. Stock down some from the high, but still doing better than it was this time last year and our balance sheet is healthy. We make a healthy profit.

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