King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Who buys meth and never uses it?

So a male prostitute accuses a leading evangelical minister of paying him for sex and of having purchased drugs through his connection. Leading evangelical preacher says he got a massage and bought meth from him, but that was all. He threw the meth out without using it.

So here's my question: who in hell buys meth and throws it out? Certainly not someone who doesn't do any drugs at all. Cause if I'm thinking about trying drugs for the first time, I'm gonna be looking for pot, acid, or maybe coke.

And who, over the age of 21, is so conflicted over trying drugs that they make the effort to buy them, but then don't try them? It just doesn't make sense. Now, someone who has experience with drugs and remembers the high but is currently clean, that person might behave in such a way. But definitely not someone who's old and completely drug free for all time.

See, I think if a person makes up a story, they should make up a story that makes sense.

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