King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Motorola phone support

Well, I did brave Motorola phone support. Turns out that, despite what the web site says, I cannot transfer ring tones with this software, at least with Verizon. Customer support wasn't able to help me, but they did put me in contact with the returns department. The first line returns person told me I was S.O.L. because I purchased it from another company, and I needed to contact that company. But that company makes customers responsible for shipping the product back and doesn't refund the shipping & handling fee either. When I pointed this out to the returns person, she kind of was stuck, but she transferred me to a supervisor. For the third time, I had to walk someone through what the Motorola web site says. However, this guy was able to help me. I still can't transfer the ring tones without hacking the software, but he's issuing me a prepaid label to ship it back to the company I did purchase it from. Also, he's in Costa Rica and his last name is Diaz. That came up because he mentioned that Weiss wasn't a common last name (he'd never heard it). I pointed out that it's the 643rd most common last name according to How Many Of Me. And his last name is 98th most common. Anyway, he (and his coworkers) have a new toy while they answer phones.

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