King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Lost Season 2

I just finished the Lost, Season 2. Now I just gotta wait another year to see Season 3.

Goddamn this show moves slowly. And I'm a little irritated with all the loose ends. Yeah, I know the loose ends are really the point of the show. They tie a loose end up and reveal just a bit more of the thing whatever it is. But then they let a few more ends loose.

For instance, the one that's getting me right now is they had Libby (who, by the way, was awesome in the sitcom Titus) appear in Hugo's mental ward. But then they killed her off without explaining what the hell she was doing there.

Or the big thing that knocked down trees and turned out to be underground and grabbed John Locke. But we haven't seen nothing of it for ages.

Also, if the show starts to lose popularity, I wonder what the last-ditch plan is to wrap it all up in a couple of episodes before it gets cancelled. I'm guessing there was a backup plan for ending season 1 in case they didn't get a season 2. And I wonder how long the actual planned run is.
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