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Now reading: Prisoner of Trebekistan, by Bob Harris

Finished the 6th Harry Potter a few nights ago, but still don't have it up on Rat's Reading.

I feel like Stan Lee plugging various Marvel comics there. Prisoner of Trebekistan feels like a conversation, or like surfing the world wide web. The part I just read is about free associating, and then I noticed when I wrote that plug that I was thinking of Stan Lee. I can't remember his Marvel Comic plugs directly, but I vaguely remember Marvel Age and something like a page in other comics wherein Stan occasionally appeared. My fuzzy brain is assuming this is where the association between plugging and Stan Lee comes from. And y'all are certainly welcome and encouraged to plug Rat's Reading too. Earlier today I googled myself and was disappointed to find out that none of the results in the first 33 pages were me. There's a fairly well-known author and journalist with my name out there, as well as some guy who runs an auction house and an associated rare book store. So I fall way down on the list. I'm findable, but you gotta add in other search terms to pick me up (as I'm sure spacemage did to find me).

Anyhoo, back to Prisoner of Trebekistan.

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