King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Steps Beyond launch course

Just returned from the Steps Beyond launch course. It's a day and a half retreat to get all the mentors and students to bond together. Steps Beyond is the continuation of the mentoring program I volunteered in last year. It's for the sophomores through seniors. Usually there aren't enough mentors to go around, so the system Community for Youth devised is to make family groups where there are 3 or 4 mentors mentoring 6 or 7 youth. Only this year more mentors signed up and fewer kids did, so it's almost one to one. My group is 5 mentors and 6 students.

In any case, the students this year seem much more committed than last year, and much more open. At least the kids with whom I'll be working.

Last year, everyone set a goal for themselves, both mentors and students. This year the plan is slightly different. Students who were strong socially set social goals. Students who were strong academically set academic goals. So this year everyone will be setting two goals, one social and one academic. The goal setting will come on Thursday.
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