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I called Fidelity last week. They held my Expedia 401(k). I wanted to roll the plan over into my I.R.A. at RBC Dain Rauscher. Man did they argue with me trying to get me to keep my money with them. Eventually I talked them into closing the account.

I got the check today. They made it out to RBC Dane Raucher. I repeated the spelling for the C.S.R. twice, and he still did it wrong. So either he's a moron, or this is an attempt to delay me getting my money. An extra week for them to re-cut the check is minimum $65 in interest that stays in their pocket, at current money market rates. If it takes longer, they've made $150 because of their fuck-up.

I'm hoping that I can deposit the check anyway.

And they wondered why I wanted to move my money to a different institution.
Tags: personal finance

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