King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

More Robert the Crazy Guy

Robert seemed like a good subject for testing out the new camera. Sadly, he was not out, so I just took pictures of his signs.

Robert's house You hear only what they want you to …
Robert's house
This is where Robert the crazy guy lives. The lawn is where he sleeps lately. He sets up an extension cord and a light there.
You hear only what they want you to …
No Microphones DEMONIC Chemicals You hear only ^what they want you to … many tricks
We volunteered Demonic Sound Manipulation
We volunteered
WE VOLUNTEERED TO Demonstrate Demons are real + EVIL it's biblically called
Demonic Sound Manipulation
We Volunteered to expose demons, and their devices that are used to slander biblically Biblicaly it's called walk in Gap WALKING IN GAP
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