King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

New camera

Also today, I purchased a digital camera, a Sony DSC-H2, a.k.a. the Sony Cybershot. Ever since I dropped my camera when I fell off a Mayan ruin in December, I've needed a new camera. I need to practice taking basic photos with it over the next couple of days, before I head on my cruise next week. The salesperson, Gemma, was very helpful considering how clueless I am, although that's also a good opportunity for a sales commission. She was also pretty hot.

Hopefully, I'll get in the habit of taking more photos generally. I don't plan on ever becoming a complete photo nut, but one of the things that has bothered me about my life up til now is the lack of photographic documentation of said life. My memory fades really fast for somethings, and having photos of some of the things I've done would make it easier to jog my memory. Also, it'll make it easier to remind/share with other people.

Anyway, we'll see if that actually happens. On the one hand, it's a digital, so there's no wasting film if I don't like the pictures and no need to have a stock of film on hand. And because of said digitalness, I can also re-take photos that I don't like. On the other hand, it's fairly bulky. This isn't one of those ultra-slim cameras I can stick in a pocket to carry everywhere. It's slightly bigger than my previous film camera even.

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