King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

On apologies

I used to be anti-apology. Mostly because I have been burned by people who apologized many times but never changed their behavior. It became hard to believe that their words meant anything. I have done the same myself. Apologized but then repeated the behavior for which I apologized. Many times I offended the same person. Intentions never counted for much in my book. In my previous entry, I talked about an apology I made to betanoir for being an ass (basically). If I were in her shoes, I certainly would wait a while until being sure I can restrain myself from being an ass, and to see if I might start revealing information she considers private. Cause my apology could be worth only the paper it was written on.

A friend of mine did something that hurt my feelings recently. But then before I had a chance to talk with her, she apologized. I was flabbergasted for a couple of reasons. First, she figured out that I was upset and talked to me without me having to talk to her first. She could tell I was upset without me doing anything. A lot of people haven't been able to understand I'm upset when I told them. Second, she cared enough about my feelings to apologize for something that bothered me, but for which she didn't owe me any consideration. Without an apology, I wouldn't have known either of these two things about her. I think it speaks very well of her.

So maybe I was somewhat wrong about apologies. They could be worth something sometimes.


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