King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Coaches and line-ups in sports

Other than the Seattle Mariners, I don't follow sports too closely. I'll turn on the occasional Seahawks or Monday Night Football game. Sometimes I'll watch an N.B.A. game. However, I read nearly every day. Mostly for baseball news, but I check other stories as well.

Today I'm reading a story on Matt Leinart's refusal to sign a contract with the Cardinals. And it has a comment from the coach, Dennis Green. The quote mentions that Green has been with the Cardinals for two years. And my first thought is But wasn't it just last month that Dennis Green was making a big deal about buying the Vikings and then getting fired when they brought in a new owner instead of letting Green put together the deal? There's this weird phenomena I seem to have of compressing the subjective time between mentions of where a coach or sports star plays. Another example: Junior Seau is retiring… from the Miami Dolphins. He played for San Diego for years. Somewhere I missed that he moved to the Dolphins. That part doesn't bug me. What bugs me is that he's been with the Dolphins for three years. Three years and it never registered on my brain?? Two years that Green has been with the Cardinals and it hasn't registered? Has it really been 5 years since Aikman was with the Cowboys? Whooosh! That's the sound of lots of sports information going right over my head.

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