King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Going out Saturday

Jason and I went out Saturday to celebrate our birthdays. His mostly, cause his was Saturday while mine was last Tuesday. We went to Noc Noc. I really didn't have a good time though. Not for most of the time.

We got there early because Vern usually gets there early and we wanted to hang with her. But we arrived earlier than she. So we grabbed a table and began some socializing.

Vern and entourage arrived a bit later. They chatted with us. Then they grabbed the next booth.

And therein lies the pivot point of my unrest. Soon, everyone migrated to Vern's table leaving me with the unchatty Jeremy and occasionally the in-love Amanda and Eric. So after I dance a couple of songs, I migrate to Vern's table. And promptly everyone migrates to the original table. Wash, rinse, repeat. I spent most of the night chasing the social action. I would have gone up to the Mercury but I didn't want to mess up Jason's celebration and he was having a good time.

At some point some very made up girls stole my table while I was outside getting fresh air. Made up, as in they had gone all out with the 50s look, with very stylized hair. Kind of like Jessica used to dress. I excused myself and retrieved my drink. They asked if they had taken my table, to which I replied that they had. Then they asked if I wanted it back, to which I replied that they could have it. See, I figured that with only one table, even if cramped, would prevent my group from spreading out and leaving me with the unsocial folks. I was correct.

The last 45 minutes before we left were much better. Hung out and socialized with the group, because they couldn't escape me. And I got an arm massage.

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