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Girls are confusing

I wasn't sure whether to title this "Girls are confusing" or "I am awkward." Because it's a bit of both at the moment and for once I think the "girls are confusing" aspect is the defining one.

I am awkward with women. I don't try to fight that anymore. I just go with it and if a girl doesn't find it charming, then she's just not the right girl for me. I used to be "painfully shy." in other words, I couldn't talk to a girl I was interested in for the life of me. I went seven years between girlfriends from the time I was 20 til I was 27. This is no longer the case. However, I am significantly behind the curve as far as dealing with some aspects of relationships because of the time I spent painfully shy.

So far, I've related the story of how I had to told twice to ask for Jessica's phone number. I did call her. I am not so awkward that I just sit back and not use a number given to me. We made plans to go bowling yesterday. However, between the time that we made those plans and the actual day, I ran into her at the Mercury. She flirted heavily with another guy in front of me. By flirted, I mean, stuck her tongue down his throat and groped in such a manner that I am surprised if he did not lose it right there. All well and good I suppose. It's not that I thought something was most definitely going to happen between the two of us, but it was a signal to me that nothing was going to happen.

So the plan was to go bowling yesterday. At once point on Wednesday, Jessica's friend Shirley was supposed to come along (yet another sign this was not "a date"). So I invited Jason, but later Shirley cancelled. It ended up being me, Jason and Jessica. Bowling was fun. I came in second all three games. She talked us into going to Neighbours for "Latin Night." I agreed primarily because Shirley was there. We danced at Neighbours, the Vogue, and drank at the Mercury, before having breakfast at IHOP. After which Jessica split off and stayed the night at another male friend's place.

So now here's where it gets interesting. Jessica called me today, and we chatted for a while. Mostly about what she could do for a date she has with a dentist tonight. The original plan was to have an evening date, but she got the day off and was planning on calling him to suck him in for the afternoon. That didn't work out. She called me back and told me she and I and another mutual friend were going to go to NW Folk Life. Fine with me, I didn't have anything planned. I show up and the mutual friend has already cancelled.

Wait, did I say it was getting interesting in the last paragraph? I did. I was wrong. This is the paragraph where it gets interesting. We hung out all afternoon, got some good, checked out a moving sale, got some coffee, hung out on her veranda, and then curled up in bed and took a nap together. Right. There was nothing sexual, but the vibe has changed a little and I don't know what to make of it.

I like the girl. She is fun, pretty smart, and no-nonsense. Not to mention the hottest girl I have ever been in a bed with. (Wait, I did just mention that.) But I just don't know what to make of this now. Cause curling up in bed with a guy you just met on a purely friendly basis just doesn't really make much sense to me. But the needle hasn't swung to the other end of the compass either.

I should metnion again that I like her friend Shirley a lot too. But the friend is younger (21) and that makes things iffier in my book.

So the largest part of me wants to sit down and have a talk with the girl. Or ask her out on a real date. Perhaps both. Something to clear this up. I have to mull on this a while to see the next step. This is where I wish I weren't so awkward, because I woulde have a good idea on how to clear this up, or whether she was playing me or just undecided or just wanting to be friends and oblivious to her specific effect on me.

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