King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Independence day party

Place tidied up. Everything's ready.

Drop-ins and last minute folks welcome. My place is the best place to view the Lake Union fireworks, other than the parking. A this point, you are already going to need to walk a couple of blocks. But it's worth it. You can feel the concussion from the fireworks.

Aside from that, I have chips, dips, fruits, and beverages. I will be making sloppy joes from scratch (sadly, no balcony so no grilling) for those who want something a little mo refilling. Sadly, I forgot the meat substitute so those of you who are vegetarians will have to make do with the snack food unless you bring me the fixins.

If you want to bring anything, the main thing to bring is alcoholic beverages if you are inclined to imbibe. I have plenty of root beer and ginger ale.

Folks are welcome to start showing up and hanging out whenever.

Address is 2301 Fairview Ave E, Seattle, Washington. Ring WEISS on the call board. Or call my cell (206) 501-5831. I will be answering it today.


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