King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Clueless support

The support personnel for (the company hosting seem to have a basic understanding of tech. However, they are extremely frustrating because they never fail to grok my support tickets. No matter how simply I lay out the problems, they seem to miss a key point. The latest is a question I sent in about whether they support the RewriteLog command in .htaccess files. My request explicitly referenced a subdomain. Apparently the support person simply did a search and looked at the first htaccess file found in my account. (For you non-techies out there, one of these can exist in every directory.) Shockingly, it wasn't the right file.

I just wrote a long and subtly sarcastic email in reply. However, I've since decided to leave it in my drafts folder for a bit. I found a workaround, and I'm sure they'll just respond with yet another missive that just aggravates me in its cluelessness.

I'd rather be happy.


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