King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

It had to end

After the Mariners took a nose dive after the All-Star break, it seemed inevitable that they would not make the playoffs. Though during the last week or so, they had managed to hang on. They only had to win 5 more games in a row in order to get to the post-season (1 more with Oakland, 3 with Anaheim, and a 1 game play-off with Anaheim) and Anaheim had to lose today's game with the Texas Rangers. It's over now. The Angels beat the Rangers today.

Now perhaps Pat Gillick can pull off an end of season trade for once that will bolster the team. He has stood pat the last two years at the trading deadline. He seems to do well constructing the team in the off-season, but doesn't do much to help the stretch run.


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