King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Opinions. Hate me for them.

While I feel for the girl who got kicked in the head at Convergence 12, I'd really like to know why I should care about her more than the millions of other people who suffer from various problems. Is there a reason why I should be jumping into the game of online Amber Alert for some guy who assaulted someone in Louisiana and lives in Alabama? As if I'm going to do any good looking for this guy on my street corner. As If I could tell the difference between this guy and any of the red-dyed-hair people on Broadway. And why the need to pass on the latest rumor on his location all over? Anyone ever played Phone Call or Rumors as a kid? That the game where everyone sits in a circle and someone starts off by whispering something to the person sitting next to them. In turn everyone repeats what was whispered to the next person. And then it gets to the last person who says what was whispered to them. And rarely is it anything similar. This is partially why hearsay is not allowed in court generally. Well, we got a case of internet Phone Call going on. The police don't need my help, and they certainly don't need me to pass on the information to a cop buddy of mine who lives in Chicago who knows another cop in Alabama. The police in New Orleans will have the contact information the victim knows, as well as any contact information that other folks who knew the alleged attacker and they will track those and have their own means of contacting law enforcement in Alabama directly. Christ almighty we watch too much cop T.V. in the U.S.

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