King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Recruiting mentors

Tonight's Community for Youth activity was to canvas a neighborhood recruiting mentors for next year's program. The students in my group were great. They approached people. We chatted with store owners. We put up flyers. We talked to passers by.

But the fun part was the guy collecting signatures for some initiative to make Seattle or Washington greener or something like that. After chatting with him a bit, we walked back past him. At that point he asked So what are these brats names? And not in a playful manner. We all did a double take and the Come again?. He repeated it, and made it worse. What are these racist brats' names? At which point they nearly exploded, and I hustled them across the street lest they kick the guy's ass (and they could have and looked about to) and then have to bail them out of jail.

Fucker deserved to get his ass kicked though.

Tags: community for youth

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