King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I'm getting something done to my hair. I don't know what, though. My first plan was to have this done last Friday. Then on April 1st I could post that I had my hair cut. And then everyone would think it was an April Fool's joke when it wasn't.

Basically, I'm tired of my hair. I've been growing it long since October of 2002 when I was trying to impress Deborah and she liked men with long hair. I've not touched it since either primarily because a number of women for whom I get tingly feelings like long hair. Sadly, if any of them have tingly feelings for me my hair hasn't inspired them to act on those feelings. But now it's so long and troublesome because fine hair breaks easily that it's a pain to take care of. As long as it wasn't a problem, I didn't mind leaving it long on the pet my hair please angle. But no more.

I've gone from really long hair to zipped hair before, though I don't know if I want that so much. Perhaps keep it long, but chop off much of the length so that the damaged part is gone and I have an actual hair style rather than just long hair. I have an appointment tomorrow at a swanky salon where I'm promised that the stylist will be able to tell me what to do with my hair. But if she tells me to chop it, off it comes.


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