King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Level 60

Finally hit level 60 for my main character last night. For those who don't play, level 60 is the top level (for now) in World of Warcraft. Since I don't intend to become a hard-core raider, I am somewhat skeptical I will find the game too interesting at this point. We'll see. For the moment, I haven't done any quests in Burning Steppes, Western or Eastern Plaguelands, Silithus, or Winterspring. And I have only done a few in Azshara and Blasted Lands. And most of the upper level dungeons are new to me as well. The one exception there being Sunken Temple and that's a mid-50s dungeon. Not to mention a bunch of lower level regions I barely touched on the way up. So there are lots of quests I could do as well as dungeons and shorter term raids to keep me occupied for a month or two. After that, I have two choices, roll another character or become a hard-core player. Or a gold farmer.

Tags: world of warcraft
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