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I have no internet

Weekend update:

  1. I left work a bit early on Friday to meet up with Krista, who runs the Community for Youth mentoring program at Sealth. I left my pretty Fluevog shoes at the mentoring event on Tuesday and she grabbed them.
  2. Was supposed to do my first raid event on World of Warcraft now that I am nearing level 60. Guild is starting practice runs. However, when I got home my internet was not working. So I call up Networking/The River Internet Service/Nationwide Internet. Ever since they got bought by Nationwide the service has been going downhill. Anyway, turns out I haven't paid up. Fine, I pay up and the C.S.R. tells me it'll take about 15 minutes to get my connection working again. I nap. Two hours later I wake up and no internet. So I call again. Guy tells me it'll be about an hour. Fine. I know he's lying, but it's only the second call so I am not going to get all huffy yet. Couple of hours later I call back. Oh, it'll probably be Saturday morning now. Cause the first guy never put in the work order to turn it back on. Now I've missed my raid. Suck. And no way to tell anyone so they are probably pissed I didn't show. Wake up Saturday morning and no Internet. Call again. Now they say it'll be Monday. I tell em if it takes that long I'll be looking for another I.S.P. Call back Saturday again and Sunday just to check. As of this morning, still no internet. So first thing on getting in this morning I did a search for I.S.P.s and sent an inquiry off to Northwest Nexus. Would love Speakeasy except I have a dispute with them over the last time I had D.S.L. service through them.
  3. Saturday morning I had lunch with the ex who found my journal last week.
  4. Saturday day I spent alternately cleaning and watching television on my computer. I think I need a new cleaning system because my place gets out of hand. I do a massive clean up and then vow to do the little bit to keep it up. However, that doesn't work out to well in practice because I rationalize not cleaning little bits up as really not that much so it can wait. And then before long it's not little anymore. This morning I was thinking my new system should be to set a schedule for the week. Mondays is bathroom. Tuesdays is kitchen. Wednesdays is living room. Thursdays is bedroom. Saturdays is laundry. Something like that.
  5. A group of eleven (I counted) twenty to thirty something women just walked from building 4 to building 3. My only view from my office is the bit of walkway and parking lot between building 4 and building 3. A good looking woman in a business suit makes me excited. Eleven of them is a very nice thing indeed.
  6. Saturday night I made a home-cooked dinner. Bacon-fried chicken with a bacon-cider sauce. Served over mushroom cooked rice. Was tasty and my guest seemed to like it. She kept making cracks about me being barefoot in the kitchen. For the record, I was wearing socks.
  7. Sunday was Losers' Lunch. Just me, Jason, and Amanda yesterday. Didn't post the announcement cause well, no internet.
  8. Sunday afternoon I read, napped, and played Minesweeper.
  9. Sunday evening I went to see The Pillowman at ACT Theatre. I rather liked this play. It's about a mostly unpublished writer who the police in a totalitarian state are interrogating. Someone's been acting out his grim stories, particularly the ones in which children are mutilated and killed. So he's a suspect. Being a totalitarian state, the police don't have to be too nice to him. Or his brother who is also locked up to apply pressure to him to confess. Locked in a cell with his brother for a while, there's a lot of conversation about why he doesn't write any stories with happy endings. There's more to it than that, of course, but I don't want to spoil it. The unusual happening was that midway through the first act the set malfunctioned. Most of the play happens inside an interrogation room. But a big happens in a child's bedroom. So the interrogation room sinks into the floor and the bedroom lowers from the rafters. And is supposed to rise to the rafters after the scene and the interrogation room comes back up through the stage. However, the bedroom wouldn't rise. If it wasn't partially up, my guess is they could have made do by lowering the lights and moving the bedroom set out of the way. But it was stuck about 5 feet in the air, so there would be no place to act. But after a short while the crew got the bedroom platform raised.
  10. I had leftover chicken and rice for dinner afterward.

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