King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Bus & Reading

I took the bus to work today. Since sometime last fall I've been driving every day. For a while it was because my schedule at work was hectic and I was too lazy to adjust. So I drove. And then it was cold and I didn't want to endure the cold. And then it was habit.

I realized Friday that my schedule no longer requires me to be here at 8 a.m. every day. If I miss a bus I'm fine. And it's warmer. Not that those really were the reason I drove, but I should have stopped using excuses long ago and got off my ass. Last night I set my alarm for a half hour earlier today (6:15 a.m.).

See, there's lots of benefits to taking the bus. There are only two real drawbacks. It takes longer and I am subject to the weather. The benefits include saving money on gas and wear & tear on the car. Not getting all riled up by the traffic. Getting some fresh air. Getting a bit of exercise. Convenient coffee. Occasional good looking women on the bus. And… I can actually get some reading done that I am not getting done at home lately (damn that WoW!). Today I read nearly 50 pages from Iron Council. I might finish it this week if I ride the bus 4 days like I plan. It's a lovely thought, getting more read.


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