King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

PvP in WoW

So after getting to the high 40s in level, I finally decided to start doing battlegrounds. Didn't realize there were some nice trinkets and whatnot available for PvP players who do well. Of course, I'm not doing particularly well at the moment. First off, I'm playing a protection spec'ed paladin. Meaning I do very little damage. One on one I can hold my own losing maybe 60% of the time, but I'm new at this and getting better. But in group situations, I'm toast. I haven't figured out how to target well. And I don't move well enough to avoid getting hit in melee. I think the advantage there goes to the tweaked out 13 year old who bounce around all the time anyway.

Anyway, my strategy at the moment is sheer volume. I'm level 49 and have 3/4 of the XP left before levelling. I won't be doing any quests nor much mob killing for a bit. I'll take advantage of the level disparity (you only play against those in the 40s) for some advantage. And then getting in 3 or 4 battlegrounds each day means I'll rack up some points in it.

Tags: world of warcraft

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