King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

The Wedding Singer

Saw The Wedding Singer at the 5th Ave last night. Overall it was a fun show and they did a decent job of translating the movie to musical. The music was mostly 80s style, but not just a story with 80s songs stuck around it. Casting was done well, except for the two leads. They weren't bad. In fact, the Julia was nominated for a couple of Tony's. And the Robbie is actually a comedian making his first Broadway appearance (the show heads to Broadway after Sunday's performance). In fact, I think his first professional acting appearance at all. And he'll be good. But not in this show. Julia wasn't cute enough and didn't display the energy needed for the role. Robbie was too polished. He didn't give an impression of a schmuck with a heart of gold that the role needs. The supporting cast was perfect though. Holly was perfect. And Linda was even more vampy than the movie. She brought a very Lita Ford sounding voice and combined it with Tawny Kitaen moves. Robbie's band was great. George and Sammy were just a bit more over the top than in the movie and it works great on stage.

Also, I found out last night that I'm Amber's first musical theater.

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