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I'm still badly jet-lagged. Jet-lag is actually something I don't experience too often. For some reason I can adjust my sleep schedule pretty well when travelling. Not this time. I had 8+ hours of meetings yesterday (31 January) after getting a mere 1½ hours of sleep. On top of that, I can't think of anything close by in Florida that I want to see in my hours off. The only thing of interest is the Kennedy Space Center but I'm not braving the long drive up there. Too much traffic.

Also, despite all the world of warcraft I've been playing since the beginning of December, I'm managing to keep up on my reading. I'm ashamed to say how many hours have been logged in that game. 12+ days of actual game time out of 60 calendar days. Could someone find my priorities please?

Anyway, I'm at book 5 or 6 of the year so far. Not sure the count, and I don't want to open a browser window over to Rat's Reading to check right now. Anyway, I'll post the latest book there soon enough.

Also, in the T.M.I. category, being stupid tired brings out something even more stupid in me. When I get this tired, I get uselessly horny. Can't do a damn thing about it here. Too tired to go find porn to buy. Too tired for anything on the hotel pay-per-porn channel to look interesting. As I said, being this tired makes for stupid horny. You all are now the better for clicking on this.

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