King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I don't do so well with normal pleasantries. See, I tend to think I need to say something truthful and substantive, and I usually end up just saying something odd or too much or otherwise just weird people out.

Take the standard How are you doing? I rarely say I'm doing fine. And you? It's the normal response that people expect. My normal response is Mostly okay. Because it's the truth. But I have to explain it every time. Which I'm happy to do, but it seems to weird people out. Well that doesn't sound very good. No, it's not the greatest. But it's also not too bad either. And heaven forbid someone ask me when things are going great or not so well. Cause I'll tell you.

Or, for another instance, tonight a lovely woman I was chatting with turned to me as I was leaving and said, It was nice to see you. I froze. Pause. Pause. Say something. That's what I was thinking cause I knew I had to say something, but I don't know what to say. What came out was Yes. Yes it was great to see me. Urg. So I was schooled that the proper answer is Likewise or something along those lines.

You know how someone says something to you and you can't think of the proper response until later? Usually it's a comeback, or realizing you should have asked for the girl's phone number at the time, or something of the sort. I get that for simple things like how are you?

So join me and Jason for Losers Lunch later this morning! Find out why!

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