King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Dumb financial industry call center rules

So I'm on the phone with Mellon Investor Services to find out why I can't log in to take care of some financial stuff. In the end, it turns out they do not work with browsers except Internet Explorer. Not that it tells you that when you try. Anyway, at the end, the woman asks me to repeat for the recording (cause the entire thing is being recorded) that she has not performed any financial transactions on my account.

This is me doing a double-take.

I tell her I can't say that, cause I can't see what she's done. I said I can verify that I have not asked her to perform any financial transactions. So if they want protection from me later saying I did ask and they didn't do what I wanted, I'm okay with that. But how the hell am I supposed to know what she's been doing with my account?


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