King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Darfur, what you can do.

Been a bit since I've written anything or encouraged anyone to do anything about the Darfur conflict. My attempt to bribe all of you was a miserable failure. Only my mother actually showed me a response letter. One other person said she wrote. I'm assuming the rest of you didn't. Which is my failure, not yours.

I've been reading the blog Sleepless in Sudan blog for a bit. Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times gave it a plug a few months ago after he met the blogger on one of his trips to the region. The blog is written by an aid worker in the region, and brings the region up close and personal.

Anyway, she wrote and excellent entry on what a person can do to help. Go read it, but here are the highlights:

Find out more.
Give money.
Nag the politicians and the newspapers.
Join an activist group.

So here I am writing about it again to publicize it. People are dying.
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