King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

New phone

I bought a new phone today because the crappy Samsung PDA phone was so bad that I just stopped carrying it with me. To replace it I picked up a Motorola with Bluetooth for my voice stuff. No, I won't be walking around with a wireless headset talking to myself. I got the Bluetooth cause my car has it. Handsfree in the car. Even better for the road trips. Or I can chat with Sloane and keep both hands on the wheel, even while answering. It also has a lot of other crap I don't really care about (MP3, camera).

Second piece I got was a crackberry for the email. Of course, they'll probably shut down the service now. Anyway, Verizon guy set it up for me and my combined monthly charges for both will be less than I was paying for my previous monthly service that I didn't use.

Call me happy.

Call me at 206-501-5831.

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