King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I was going to go to Crater Lake this weekend. Need to cancel that. (Sorry, a_muse_d, the work stuff is just too much.)

My calendar looks something like this right now:

  • Today: meet with broker.
  • Tonight: Community for Youth.
  • Next Thursday: Thanksgiving with family. Thanksgiving with friends.
  • Sunday 27 Nov through Tuesday 29 Nov: University of Waterloo recruiting trip.
  • Thursday 1 Dec: Community for Youth.
  • Thursday 1 Dec: pick up faerieburst from the airport.
  • Friday 2 Dec & Satuday 3 Dec: Escort faerieburst around to find apartment.
  • Sunday 4 Dec through Thursday 8 Dec: SOA Conference in Orlando, FL.
  • Thursday 8 Dec: Community for Youth.
  • Friday 9 Dec: Not really sure.
  • Saturday 10 Dec through Saturday 17 Dec: beach paradise.

In there somewhere I'll be helping Erin move and picking up my fishtank. Not sure what else I'm forgetting.


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