King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


<peeve> My peeve for the day (well, maybe just the peeve for the morning) is people who ride the bus but down know how much it fucking costs. Do you people not read the brochures? Do you not ask ahead of time? Why do you wait until you have to get off the bus to hold up everyone else to work this stuff out with the driver (who announced the prices over the PA at the last free ride stop)? Is it necessary to be the first person to the front to do this so that a whole bus-load of people waits behind you? Well, except for the cute girl who was smart enough to squeeze in front of you and go on her merry way? Did you not think I might want to walk with her and chat like I did yesterday? Of course you didn't, because you are morons! </peeve>


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