King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Movie catch-up: High and Low

I've got a few more Kurosawa DVDs in my queue to see what I am missing. Is Kurosawa as great as his reputation? So far, I didn't get Ran but I thought Rashoman was awesome. High and Low was nice, but nothing out of this world in my book. There were some fine acting performances, but they are hampered by the screenplay. Gondo, for instance, is portrayed as a snappish loud man. His manner doesn't show any of the reasons why he is willing to help his chauffeur despite all his protestations that it will ruin him. And the movie doesn't have the cinematography of the other Kurosawa movies I've seen.

Overall, nice movie. Nothing horrible about it. But nothing to prove Kurosawa's genius either. But then, none of them are geniuses every time out.

Tags: dvd, movies

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