King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

News & Notes

  • My boots felt specially comfortable and squishy like yesterday. I have shoe issues, as in almost all shoes (including sandals) make my feet hurt. Hate going barefoot though. But yesterday, all was well in the foot world.
  • Do you ever get the urge when you see one of your friends hitting on a cute girl to lean out the car window and yell as loud as you can, "Go for it dude!" Just to make sure everyone knows what they are up to? I got that urge. You know who you are, so I won't increase the embarrassment. I almost did that. Appreciate that I didn't.
  • So I pretty much tell Jason everything. Including when I am interested in a girl. Jason is the kind of guy who then when he sees that girl around makes a point to come up to me and says "Dude! She's here! She's over by the bar. You wanna talk to her? Just in case you want to talk to her, she's over there!" Which is a pretty cool thing for a friend to do.

I should go to work now.


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