King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Worst luck

I've been watching the latest meme of disconnected answers fly around my friends list. One of the items that puzzles me is worst luck with. Seems like most people have been putting down relationships or men (not as many of my male friends have been doing that meme). Which got me to thinking: you know, I've had some damn good luck generally. I've got a good job, and have had good jobs for 10 years. I've dated some wonderful women. I have to go back maybe 10 years to find a string of bad luck. And I am not confusing bad fortune with bad effort. About the only string of bad luck I can remember is a series of cars I used to have would die in semi-random places. I'd get them towed to a repair shop, and the repair folks wouldn't be able to find a thing wrong with them. Had this problem with both my Chevette and my Fury and once with my Acura. The Chevette died west of LaCrosse. It died on the top of Fourth of July Pass. It died in Ellensburg. The Fury at least died locally.

Oddly enough, I can't remember how I got rid of the Chevette. Did I sell it? I had the Fury by the spring of '94. I sold it to some Swedes in fall of '94. I had the Chevette from '89 through … oh wait, I remember now. It died on a trip to Seattle when I was in Everett in summer of '93. That time we figured out what the problem was: something with the timing belt needing to be replaced. As it was gonna cost me a few hundred bucks and the car wasn't worth all that much, I gave the car to Matt. If he could save up the money to fix it, he could drive it. He never did save the money.

Heh, I've given away four of my cars. Matt got the Chevette. The Swedes got the Fury for the tow fees. And Janet got the Acura. The whatever it was I bought from Chris and Alexia went to Jason's aunt. Apparently if you hang around me long enough you get a hand-me-down car that's not worth a whole hell of a lot.


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