King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Setting goals

I ran across a new blogging site this morning call 43Things. It's basically LiveJournal with a marketing twist. The twist is that you put in a list of goals and then blog about them, with features that let you find others who have the same goal, ask advice from them, etc. Most of it can be done with LiveJournal by making each goal into a tag.

I like the idea. It gives a journal a focus other than telling folks what I did each day and is better than whining about the latest crap in my life.

So I think I'll try something like that out. Don't know if I'll do it on that site or on this one. As I already have four semi-active blogs, I don't think I really want another one. But I might play around with it a bit there and see what I can set up here with it.


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