King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I swear Seatac's luggage handling is the slowest in the nation. I landed in Pittsburgh and they had my bag on the carousel before I even arrived at baggage claim. Seatac, I had to wait 20 minutes before it showed up, and I shuttled in from the north satellite and also took a lengthy pit-stop to clear up some sinus pressure.

Also, someone needs to tell people, especially those at Seatac, that getting luggage from the carousel goes much more smoothly if everyone stands 3 feet back from the belt and only steps forward when their luggage goes by. Gives everyone a better view of the luggage. Means less jostling for space. And for god's sake, set your collection of luggage back away from the edge. Next time I'm just gonna start moving it out of my way.

Tags: travel

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