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Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 1 - John Creighton

This race has three candidates:

Wen Wu Lee
This is a representative section from Ms. Lee's statement in the voters pamphlet:
Wen Wu Lee has academic credential, finance/budget skills and service experience. She is familiar with both West and East culture/languages. She volunteers within Bellevue school district. She is on the board of Director of Wings Financial Credit Union ($1.5 billion asset, serving 100,000 members in air transportation).
Ms. Lee sounds very very bright, but if she can't be bothered to have someone proof-read her statement for correct grammar, I can't vote for her. It's a trivial thing, but I expect more from someone who is going to represent at this level. They need to cover both the details as well as the big picture. On top of that, she offers no specifics of her platform.
John Creighton
John Creighton appears to be running on essentially two planks: fiscal responsbility and environemental protection. He mentions worker protection as well, but his position is to help it through trying to change things that are driving shippers to other ports.
Lawrence Malloy
The incumbent's main planks are the environment, worker protection, and diversity issues. Judging from his endorsements though, he's got the backing of the lefty progressive caucus.

I'll probably vote for John Creighton, particularly if I can find out that he supports the diversity issues that Malloy also supports. Particularly ones requiring port contractors to give same-sex couples benefits. If he doesn't, it'll be a closer call.

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