King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

King County Sheriff primary - Greg Schmidt

There are three people running for Sheriff.

  • Sue Rahr - She was appointed to the position of Sheriff after Dave Reichert won election to congress. She's got a ton of endorsements, but her web site has only bland positions that say nothing. Still she's performed adequately as Sheriff so far.
  • Jim Fuda - He's a hostage negotiator with the Sheriff's department. However, a couple of days ago news organizations revealed he got a pay raise for receiving a degree from an online university. He claims he thought they could grant degrees for life experience. I call bullshit. The Seattle Times has the story.
  • Greg Schmidt - Greg Schmidt is a Seattle Police Lieutenant. He's had a long running battle with the Sheriff's ever since he was arrested in a domestic violence incident in the mid-90s. He was acquitted, and ever since then he's been waging a battle the change policies over how men are treated in domestic violence incidents. He believes that too often men are gender profiled and under Washington's mandatory arrest policy, that means they are often victims when they shouldn't be.

    I think that incident is what's driving Schmidt to run for Sheriff. His positions are less bland than Sue Rahr's though.

Based on their positions, I think I'll vote for Schmidt in the primary. However, more information might show up in the voters pamphlet. I suspect that both Schmidt and Rahr will make the general election, and a tighter race might bring out better formed positions from the two of them. I might change my mind by then.

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