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I'm not a worrier. Part of that is because I don't have much tolerance for being around victims. My friends are generally people who will pick themselves up and survive. And not in the self-help way of surviving which pretty much means whining a lot about how life has screwed them but they are still here so they survived and therefore you should validate them just for surviving whatever horrible trauma they've been through. Yeah, don't like that kind of survivor. No, my friends are the kind that see a problem and formulate a plan. It may mean asking for help. It may mean going without. It may mean they have to live through a lot of sucky things. But, my friends will participate in their own lives instead of focusing on how they have no hope. Even if they have no hope they fight the good fight.

So, Jennifer lives in New Orleans, if you can call sweltering in that stifling city living. As an aside, my recommendation to anyone is to visit, but for gods' sake, don't move there. And that was before the flooding. Looking at this satellite picture of New Orleans, I can see the roof of her house. But judging from the lack of visible cars, either everyone in the neighborhood drove out, or their cars are mostly covered with water. She's gonna have some damage there.

But I don't worry about her. It'll suck starting over with very little, but she'll get the help she needs, and she'll do the rest herself. Be nice to know she's fine, but the lack of much communication from that state isn't a cause for worry for me. She'll pop up.

In fact, about the only people I worry about lately are my grandparents. They are survivors as well, but I worry they won't ask for the help they need as my grandfather has more and more health problems.


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