King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

BCC please. No evites. Etc.

If you are one of the people I've entrusted with one my personal email addresses ( or, please do not give this email address to anyone, including CCing it on any email to anyone else, or using it in Evite, or using it in any "invite this person to use our web site" forms. If you need to give out an address for me, please use You can use that in evites. Or friend me in Netflix with it. Or invite me to Tribe or whatever the latest friendster/tribe/orkut/myspace clone is. But the two personal email addresses, those do not use. Thank you!

I'm much less protective of my phone number and home address than I am of my email. Want to call me? (206) 568-8356. Feel free to give it out. No problem.

But essentially, I don't trust most people to keep their computers free from trojan horses/viruses/worms. So if you send my email address to someone I don't know, even if that person isn't gonna spam me (though that assumption has proven wrong already), virusses will pull any email address of that computer, whether they add me to contacts or just leave the email in their inbox. I still get spam from some friend of Squee's who sends me crap about his sexually explicit advice column and public access T.V. show. And I am not even friends with Squee. But someone added me to an evite to one of her parties, and one of the other invitees borrowed the invite list to spam for his crap. I got spam when someone at the A.C.L.U. let a virus onto their computer and steal email addresses. Luckily that wasn't my real address, so I was able to cut that off quickly.


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