King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

To-do list

  1. Call hosting company to verify I am real
  2. Call plumbing company to give them my address for billing
  3. Go to Seattle Lighting, pick up parts of order they messed up
  4. Tidy my place
  5. Cash I.R.S. refund check (serves you right for questioning my return douchebags, i overpaid, not underpaid) & escrow refund check
  6. Call doctor to follow up on emergency room visit
  7. Stay calm at work. Calm. Put water in the fountain. White noise. (Can I get away with lit candles?)
  8. Erase messages on voice mail. (Finally checked them.)

Anything else I'm forgetting? Bueller?

Oh right, I need to make this list for work stuff too.

Anything else?

Tags: meditation

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