King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

I'll play this meme, but I won't dance

  1. Go here.
  2. Pass it on.
  3. Don't hit me
  1. How did you meet raqsindira? She came to Goth Coffee with Maya.
  2. What would you do if you had never met jakerain? Everything I do now.
  3. What do you honestly think of betanoir? Good looking and has a good head on her shoulders except for one small item.
  4. Would or did drtydallas and dangergirljones go out? No.
  5. Have you ever liked grendelsden? Seemed like a nice guy.
  6. If chiaspod died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? Nothing.
  7. Would geekalpha and krautboy make a good couple? Most definitely.
  8. Describe wingedelf in 3 words: Tall thin bearded
  9. Do you think the1pony is hot? I used to when I saw her all the time. I need fresh mind images to masturbate to.
  10. Would chiaspod and insolent make a lovely couple? No.
  11. What do you think of when you see dangergirljones? Wicked funny.
  12. Tell me something humiliating about krautboy: He really shouldn't wear a dress.
  13. Do you know any of djcynic's family members? Just the husband.
  14. What's themercymachine's favorite color? I don't know.
  15. On a scale of 1-10 how cute is mama_sloane? I don't want to offend anyone here, mostly Jason.
  16. What would you do if gothbitch just professed their undying love for you? Have hot monkey sex. Cause that's what you do.
  17. What language does drtydallas speak? English, at least.
  18. Who is hadaverde going out with? I'm not sure. The S.O. never solidified in my mind as to his identity.
  19. Is chronivore a boy or a girl? I haven't checked. Beth? Tina?
  20. Would rika_rayven and gothbitch make a good couple? No.
  21. Who do you think my_poison_apple would be great with from this list? No one.
  22. When was the last time you talked to the1pony? Last summer maybe.
  23. What is grendelsden's favorite band? I don't know.
  24. Does geekalpha have any siblings? I don't know.
  25. Would you ever date djcynic? No. The marriage thing kind of messes that up.
  26. Would you ever date wingedelf? No. Not gay.
  27. Is my_poison_apple single? I don't think so, but everyone around here gets so touchy about words like "dating" and "single."
  28. What is themercymachine's last name? She'd kill me if I told you.
  29. What is rika_rayven's middle name? She might kill me cause I don't know.
  30. What is betanoir's fantasy? She wants to punch someone in the face.
  31. Where does chronivore live? Seattle.
  32. Would you make out with raqsindira? Definitely. I'll get a second date eventually.
  33. Are jakerain and djcynic best friends? No.
  34. Does wingedelf like themercymachine? I don't know.
  35. How did you meet rika_rayven? Mutual friends in Boise.
  36. Is the1pony older than you? Yes.
  37. Is insolent the sexiest person alive? No. The drunker she gets the sexier she gets.
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