King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Les Invasions Barbares

So reading about Les Invasions Barbares you'd think it was a great masterpiece. It isn't. Not in my book. But it is a nice movie about dying. Basically, successful son who doesn't really get along with his father returns home to care for him after the father is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Most of the movie is vignettes as various lovers and friends return to be with him during his last days. Gradually, the vignettes show a rapprochement between father and son. And friends, lovers, and family all participate as the father decides to terminate his own life. There's nothing profound here, but the characters are all very human and that's what makes it watchable. Even the junkie the son recruits to give his father heroin when the hospital can't give him enough painkillers.

Tags: dvd, movies

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